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Bringing the art of giant bubbling to the people

You've never seen bubbles this big

<Here is what you get>

  • Created locally

    Developed in Southeast Portland Oregon we make an effort to tap into as many local resources as we can to create this wonderful product.

  • Take them anywhere

    Make bubs on the sidewalk or take them on your next trip. They are up for most any environment.

  • Fun for the whole family

    We find that it is the parents/adults that have a hard time putting bubs down when enjoying a BBQ with friends.

  • The Science Behind Our Product

    Polyethylene is the most common plastic. It is also what makes our bubbles really, really, really big. Our Giant Bubble Concentrate contains polyethylene powder. When mixed with water, the polyethylene powder becomes viscoelastic, which means it exhibits both viscous and elastic properties. Polyethylene polymers are often used to thicken cosmetics and personal hygiene products, so it is safe for your skin. As an added bonus, breaking our giant bubbles won't get you sticky at all! Cool, huh?!